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Due to changing market circumstances accelerated due to covid, Solucious installed a specific innovation team and process.. They wanted to identify services to help their clients generate new business

Yeast helped Solucious:

  • in facilitating brainstorming  sessions to identify the needs of the clients; generating innovative ideas and evaluating  which ideas to test
  • in setting up the team and the process for the testing of the new services
  • in managing the testing and evaluation process


  • a strong team that manages the innovation process
  • solid testing and evaluation of new services
  • a framework to launch new services


Faced with a new strategic orientation, NTT wanted to identify the key talents and set up a leadership program to succeed in the new challenges

Yeast helped NTT in:

  • facilitating the management team in setting up the approach and the vision on  leadership
  • translating the vision on leadership in to a customized competency model
  • setting up and facilitating strategic talent review sessions
  • developing a customized leadership program in close collaboration with the business and HR
  • facilitate the leadership workshops for the strategic talents


  • alignment within the management team
  • alignment within the company on the strategic talents
  • a rigorous selection process for strategic talents
  • a motivated pool of strategic talents
  • reinvigorated leadership, ready to tackle the new strategic challenges and the changes


Faced with a complexifying environment for care homes, Clariane decided to reskill the leadership of those homes in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Italy

Yeast helped Clariane in:

  • facilitating the identification of the future-proof skills
  • developing a  3-year customized, hybrid and interactive training program
  • coaching and training all European trainers
  • coordinating the execution of the program


  • a coherent and aligned leadership program, adequate materials, planning and evaluation  in French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish
  • a motivated group of active facilitators and participants

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